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What points should be paid attention to when playing eva blocks for children

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The eva building blocks for children need to pay attention to the following points, whether it is a well-known brand or a common brand, you need to understand the following matters:

1. Pay attention to whether the manufacturer, manufacturing address and qualifications meet the relevant requirements of our country.

2. Pay attention to whether the edges of children's building blocks are flat, and there must be no burrs and excessively sharp parts.

3. Children's building blocks should be made of raw wood. If there is paint, pay attention to whether the paint is environmentally friendly. You don't need to choose too bright colored building blocks. Plastic building blocks need to pay attention to the material, it is best not to choose PC building blocks.

Things to know about playing building blocks for children: 1. It is not necessary to pour out all the newly bought building blocks for children to play. This is not conducive to children's concentration, and facing too many things at a time, children will be difficult to choose. The number of blocks can be gradually increased according to the age and ability of the child. At the same time, note that the shape of the blocks provided should gradually change from simple to complex. 2. You can leave a corner of the room as a play area and cover it with EVA soft mats to allow children to play freely.

In the process of buying eva building blocks for a baby, pay attention to the date and quality of the building blocks. The selection of building blocks and color fastness are all at the level of judging the quality of the building blocks. If the quality of the building blocks is not good, to a certain extent Will threaten the health and safety of children. For example, if the paint is lost on a toy, its chemical aging is very easy to enter the baby's body, because the child will inevitably put the building block in his mouth. In addition, if the building block is of poor quality, its wooden thorns will hurt the child. Therefore, when buying a building block, the first thing to consider is its own quality, and secondly, whether it is fun or not. Of course, if some high IQ building block toys exceed the age range of the child, it will inevitably dissipate the enthusiasm of the child. Therefore, the selection of building block toys should be based on the age of the baby.

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