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EVA building block custom manufacturers share how extensive EVA is used

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EVA building block customization manufacturers share how extensive EVA applications are, and daily life is ubiquitous, such as EVA puzzle pictures, EVA rubber sheets, EVA building block toys, EVA sandals, EVA sports accessories, EVA fitness mats, etc.

The characteristics of EVA resin are excellent flexibility, rubber-like ductility, good flexibility under 0℃, good transparency and surface gloss, excellent chemical stability, good anti-aging and ozone resistance. Non-toxic. Good blending with fillers, good coloring and molding process performance. It is closely related to the content and content of vinyl acetate and the melt index. When the melt index (MI) is constant and the content of vinyl acetate (VA) increases, its ductility, flexibility, compatibility, and transparency will also increase.

When the VA content is reduced, the characteristics are close to polyethylene, the rigidity is improved, and the wear resistance and electrical insulation are improved. If the VA content is constant and the melt index increases, the softening point will decrease, the process performance and surface gloss will improve but the strength will decrease. Otherwise, as the MI decreases, the content increases, the impact characteristics and the resistance to natural environmental stress cracking will improve. The polarity of acetate increases ductility and viscosity, decreases crystallinity and electrical properties, and dissolves hydrocarbon solvents and oils.

EVA resin is mainly used in a wide range of applications. Its main products are films, cables and wires, LDPE modifiers, plastic sheets, foam products, injection molded plastic products, coating products, hot melt adhesives, etc. Such as:

1. Films, sheets and laminated products: with airtightness, adhesion, flexibility, toughness, shrinkage, suitable for stretchable film bags, heat shrinkable films, agricultural mulch films, food film bags, laminated films, can be used Used as the middle layer of polyolefin laminated film.

2. General supplies: It has the advantages of flexibility, resistance to natural environmental stress cracking, and good weather resistance. Suitable industrial materials include power cable insulation coating, electrical product accessories, window sealing materials, etc.

3. Daily necessities and groceries include sports goods, customized eva blocks, cushions, straps, sealed container covers, EVA rubber footballs, etc.

4. Auto parts include shock absorbers, fenders, interior and exterior decorative accessories, etc.

5. Foamed products: pressure foaming includes foam plastic sandals, sandals, building decoration materials, etc.; injection foaming has a variety of industrial parts, women's shoe uppers, etc.

6. Adhesives, hot melt adhesives, printing inks, laminating adhesives.

7. Modified material additives: bitumen, petroleum, rubber and plastic products.

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