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Protect your Massage Gun with EVA Case

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Protect your Massage Gun with EVA Case(图1)

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more ways to relax after training. The popular massage gun as a new way of relaxing muscles is favored by most runners and other sports enthusiasts.


The essence of the massage gun is a high-frequency vibration relaxation technology, which can relax the muscles through the impact on your body. And the indirect effect of vibration relaxation training on nerve endings can also promote recovery.

Protect your Massage Gun with EVA Case(图2)

If effective active relaxation is not implemented after strength training, the recovery of the muscle state is relatively slow, and the muscle strength does not return to the initial level within 48 hours, indicating that it is still in a state of fatigue. The massage gun can effectively relieve the muscle stiffness after exercise and accelerate the recovery of muscle strength.


It is recommended that when using the massage gun to relax, the action time should not be too short, and try to keep the target area continuously impacted for more than 5 minutes, normally the combination of the massage gun and stretching exercise has a better effect.But note that : If you participate in sports continuously, for example, athletes participate in multiple games for days in a row, and want to eliminate muscle fatigue during the game interval, but do not want the muscles to become too loose and affect the subsequent sports performance, then DO NOT use the massage gun together with stretching, just use the massage gun alone.

Protect your Massage Gun with EVA Case(图3)

As an electronic product, the massage gun needs to be protected from water damage or heavy shock, and the massage gun generally contains head attachments that is not convenient to carry, so you need a EVA massage gun case to storage your massage gun and parts. EightZero Monkey Company’s EVA Case of massage gun, provides lightweight protection to store and carry your massage gun. Custom EVA inlay holds the massage gun, head attachments, and battery charger perfectly, protect your device from any accident.


Take the massage gun bag and go exercise with your massage gun!

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