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Do you know EVA? What are the uses of EVA materials?

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EVA raw material is made of copolymer of butadiene (E) and butadiene formate (VA). EVA polyurethane foamed plastic sheet has excellent flexibility and ductility. In addition, the surface gloss and organic chemical reliability are also Very good, closed cell structure, eva material is resistant to aging, odor resistance, non-toxic, soft shock absorber and degradable, so it has a universal main purpose.

The universal application of EVA, daily life is ubiquitous, EVA building blocks, EVA anti-slip mats, EVA building blocks, EVA lining, EVA feet, EVA surfboard mats, EVA educational toys, EVA shock-absorbing mat products , EVA molding processingCustomized EVA sandals, EVA sports accessories, EVA yoga mats.

Features EVA epoxy resin is characterized by excellent flexibility and ductility like vulcanized rubber. It can still have good flexibility under 0℃, good light transmission and surface gloss, excellent organic chemistry reliability, and aging resistance It is resistant to active oxygen and has good compressive strength and no toxicity. The compound fertilizer with filler is good, and the coloring and forming process performance is good. It is very closely related to the composition of butadiene formate, relative molecular mass, and melt index value. When the melt index (MI) is constant and the butadiene formate (VA) component is improved, its ductility, flexibility, compatibility, and light transmittance will also be improved. When the VA component is reduced, the characteristics are close to that of high-pressure polyethylene, the stiffness is improved, the wear resistance and the dielectric strength are improved. If the VA component is constant, the melt index value increases, the softening point decreases, the process performance and surface gloss are improved, but the compressive strength will decrease. Otherwise, the relative molecular mass will expand with the decrease of MI, impact properties and resistance to natural environments. Improved stress cracking characteristics. The optical rotation of formate increases the ductility and viscosity, reduces the crystal shape and electrical properties, and dissolves nitrogen compounds in organic solvents and raw oil.

Main uses EVA epoxy resin has a wide range of main uses. Its key products include plastic films, cables and wires, LDPE modified materials, plastic sheets, polyurethane foam products, injection mold plastic products, coated products, hot melt adhesives, etc. Such as:

Plastic film, sheet and laminated products: with airtightness, adhesion, flexibility, strong ductility, shrinkage, suitable ductile film bags, heat shrinkable film plastic film, agricultural vehicle plastic film, food film bag, layer Composite plastic film can be used as the inner layer of polyolefin laminated film.

General appliances: It has the advantages of flexibility, resistance to natural environmental stress cracking, and good weather resistance. Suitable industrial-grade raw materials include excessively long insulation coatings of power engineering cables, electrical product parts, window rubber seals, etc.

Daily necessities grocery stores include sporting goods, small toys, cushions, bandages, airtight container covers, EVA vulcanized rubber football teams, etc.

Auto parts include shock absorbers, bumpers, and interior and exterior decorative design parts.

Polyurethane foam products: pressurized polyurethane foam has plastic foam sandals, sandals, building decoration materials, etc.; injection molding polyurethane foam has a variety of industrial production parts and women's shoe soles.

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